Apart from a rich catalogue of reference standards and research chemicals, Axios Research also offers the following services:

  • Contract research: Axios will provide you with a guarantee of confidentiality through a binding non-disclosure agreement. Clients will be dealing with highly experienced scientists and marketing team with a vast knowledge in their respective fields who would understand your requirements and help you to achieve your goals. We take pride in the production of difficult to synthesize compounds and in quantities ranging from mg to kg scale.
  • Impurity characterization and synthesis: We specialize in the isolation and characterization of unknown API process impurities and formulation degradation impurities.
    • Instruments available for purification, analysis and structure identification:
      • prep-LCMS, prep-SFC, analytical UPLCMS, TGA, 500, 600 and 800 MHz NMRs
  • Stable isotope labelled compounds: Apart from the synthesis of stable deuterium labelled reference standards for mass spectrometry, we are dedicated towards developing increasingly efficient methods for the deuteration of API’s and their respective building blocks.